....Now Intoducing Victor School Web, A web based online School Management System with android app for parents and students. Victor School Manager new features -> Staff Management, Staff Payroll, Staff Attendance, Income and Expenditure, Email Marksheets with Standard, and Netowk Edition.....Victor School Manager Light Edition is now available at Rs.4200/- . One time charge, no renewal or annual maintenance charges.

Now introducing online web based application ....        

Victor Cloud Network Windows App

Victor School Network

Victor Cloud Network
An online School Management Windows App.

Download and install on any Windows system and run it from anywhere in the world.

Hassle free installation in minutes.

Safe and Reliable. Not a website/ web based application where your School's data is always at risk of hacking.
Only Victor Cloud Network App designed specially for you can connect to the Network and so there is no chance of data hacking or data loss. So all your data is always secured at our network.
Data backup at our server is done on regular basis and so you can relax about data security.

No limit on no of users, as it can be installed on any system running windows and users can work from any systems 24 by 7.

Victor Cloud Network helps to manage all details concerning student such as student personal details, student's academic details such as Attendance,Marks Grades,Progress graph, Fee's Details,Transportation, etc.

It provides consistent view of Students Academic Performance to have clear understanding of the students progress in a given academic year. It provides year after year Financial details of a student.

You don't have to make any changes after each financial year/ academic year. You can use the software year after year without any change in the software. You can get the fee details/ academic details/ personal details of the students even after the student leaves the school.

Download 7 days free trial of Victor Cloud Network.

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