Victor Library Manager

Victor Library Manager is a dynamic, robust and user friendly library automation software.

Victor Library Manager has rich features with ease to use and supports all user demands.
The software is taking care of all transactions from book issue to book return to removal of a book.
Generates fine automatically once the member returns the book late.
A versatile software for schools, colleges, institutions and libraries.
Various reports are generated such as Pending Books Report, Issued Books Report,
Returned Books Report. Every day trnsactions of book isssue and return is maintained.
Data upload from Excel in Books and Member sections as well.
Excellent book search feature.
Auto data Backup and recovery facility with database consistency test with each start up.

Victor Library Manager

   It has following modules:
  1. Library Master
  2. Library Transactions
  3. Library Reports
  4. SMS Management
  5. Session Management
  6. System Setup

  1. Library Master:
    It consists of Library Setup, Class List, Book List, Member List.
    This module has Advance Book Search feature with Library Card printing and Data Upload from Excel
  2. Library Transactions:
    It consists of Book Issue, Book Return, Book Remove, Book Recover, Book Remove Permanently, Book wise transactions, Day wise transactions and Remove All Transactions
  3. Library Reports:
    It consists of Issued Books Report, Returned Books Report, Pending Books Report
  4. SMS Management:
    Send SMS to members for book return, late fee charges or wishes.
  5. Session Management:
    You can run the software year after year with Session Management feature.
    After every academic session year, you can create session.
    It includes: Add Session, Remove Session and Change Session.
  6. System Setup:
    It includes: Institution Setup where you can change the details of your institution.
    User Management that includes: Add, Remove and View User.
    Back Up, Recover and Remove All records.

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