Important Announcement: Victor School Manager Light Edition is now available at Rs. 4200. Hurry! this is a limited period offer. Victor School manager is now CBSE CCE enabled for CCE Result Management and CCE Report Card Generation. A new feature - Student Attendance Management has been added.

Victor School Manager

Victor School Manager is a Desktop application covering various aspects of managing schools namely:

  1. Student Information Management
  2. Time Table Management
  3. Student Attendance Management
  4. Examination Management
  5. CBSE CCE Result Management
  6. Fee Management
  7. Conveyance / Transportation Management
  8. SMS Management
  9. Session Management
  10. User Management

One time/ Life time License. No renewal charges. No reactivation of License.

Victor School Manager helps to manage all details concerniing student such as student personal details,
student's academic details such as Attendance,Marks Grades,Progress graph, Fee's Details,Transportation, etc.
It provides consistent view of Students Academic Performance to have clear understanding of the students
progress in a given academic year. You can get year after year Financial details of a student. You don't
have to make any changes after each financial year/ academic year. You can use the software year after
year without any change in the software through Session Management feature. You can get the fee details/
academic details/ personal details of the students even after the student leaves the school. Now you can
prepare School Time Table for smooth administration of school. You can now make CBSE CCE Report card
easily without any hassle with new feature "CCE Result Management" added to the software.

Victor School Manager

The program has all the help feature required.

For any help regarding the Software you can contact by e-mail or phone( 9a.m. to 5 p.m. Indian Standard Time).

Updatable software.We will provide you updates of the product time and again once you purchase.

Full database Back up and Recovery facility.

Auto Backup & Recovery

Data Upload from MS Excel Worksheet

I-Card printing

Student Information Management
including General
Information, SR ( Scholar) Info, Transfer Certificate, Fee Certificate,
Birth Certificate, Character Certificate.

Time Table Management
Make class wise Time Table with subject teachers. You can get free teachers list in any period or day. You can find a teacher in a particular period, in which class he/ she is and what subject he/ she is teaching.

Student Attendance Management
You can keep records of Student's Daily attendance. Various reports related to Student's Attendance is generated. Send SMS to Absent Students on every day basis. Any day you can check a student's month wise attendance as well as total attendance of all students together. You can have no of present and absent report class wise on daily basis.

Examination Management
including Exam schedule, Exam Subject, Class-wise Marks Entry, Mark-sheet printing, Marks List printing, Result-Sheet printing of the class, Roll No allotment, Permission-Letter/ Admit-Card.

CCE Result Management
Now you can prepare CCE Report Card for your students. Prepare CO-Scholastic Subjects and Results, Scholastic results. Make Report card for each exam as well as First Term and Final Report Card. Report Card is prepared as per CBSE guidelines.

Fee Accounts Management
including Fee scheduling class wise, Fee-Chart student wise, Fee- Table month-wise fee breakup, Fee receipt printing, Fee Statements, Fee-Dues-Slip printout for all students. Balance Statement: Student Wise/ Class Wise/ School Wise. Monthly fee-statement/ Daily Accounts Statement

Conveyance Management
including conveyance info, conveyance accounts

User management

Session Management
You can create Session after the end of each academic session. You can keep your school's record session wise.

SMS Management
Send SMS to Parents/ Students. You can send Birthday SMS, Group SMS, Fee ALert SMS, Customised SMS, Personal SMS, etc. For SMS, you will need to buy SMS Package.

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